A for algorithm. The "Computer Science ABC".

A course for children without computers  

Feel, hear, tinker, play - we conquer the world of computer science in action.  Behind abstract words of the computer ABC are worlds of adventure, metaphor and play. 


New technologies are currently conquering the world.  The "Internet of things" is becoming a new reality for children. Many things are becoming virtual. Problems are solved with the help of new technologies and software. In order to give children access to this new part of our lives at an early age, while at the same time maintaining humanity, I use sensual worlds of experience. I offer computer science courses without computers, in which children learn terms like algorithm, network, programming etc. by acting, playing music, doing role play and telling stories. Our world remains human when children know that behind the technologies are sentient and social people. 






1. Online music lessons for children aged 6 - 12 years

The offer consists of the following components. Choose the focus yourself. 


  • Rhythm training
  • Talking about music pieces (Peter and the Wolf, Carnival of the Animals, Nutcracker)
  • Play along sets
  • Music Theory
  • Singing - Speaking - Dancing
  • Musical improvisation and musical impulses
  • Recorder
  • Promotion of creativity


Individual arrangement of teaching times and contents, flexible, uncomplicated, little administration


40 minutes of private lessons: 20,00 USD 

40 minutes group lessons (up to 4 children): 12 USD per child





2. Online music encounter with seniors - get out of social isolation

Time to listen, to feel old stories, memories are alive, singing and making music together


In the encounters, memories move the sound, songs recall moments of being at home and of alienation. Totally connected to the moment, our soul smiles to us in secret. We are safe in it. 


Individual arrangement of the encounters, flexible, uncomplicated, little administration






 3. Online Biography Work 

Find your common thread in life, work through phases of life emotionally through creative methods, orientation in chaos, the exit from the labyrinth, learning to understand yourself. In music you need not to speak. Here is time for non-verbal communication. I do listen, I love to hear the story of your life. 


For adults and children. Individual arrangement of the meetings, flexible, uncomplicated, little administration






4. Playing Music Online with kids - The power from the self


In musical play we live in a world without words, in musical flow our mental processes are no longer anchored in the logical realm where things are sorted, analysed and structured, but we are alive in a symbolic and pre-linguistic world. We fade away what is important in the now, what we feel bodily sensory emotionally, what really concerns us. Children develop and consolidate their self and ego from the back and forth movement between symbolic and logical thinking.



  • Symbolic ability
  • Emotional regulation
  • Identity building
  • Self-confidence
  • Satisfaction
  • Creativity


40 minutes single setting: 40.00 USD

40 minutes group setting (up to 4 children): 22 USD per child





5. Creative being conquers the world! Find your way to the solution

The future presents us with the task of finding new solutions.

For this we need creativity, the ability to access creativity and to combine our creativity with systematic action and analytical thinking. Creative inventions require different mental abilities and a subjective emotional-spiritual examination of the problem to be solved. We need both the power from the self and the consideration of the external conditions.  The movement ranges from playing (symbolic thinking), flower living, meditation, breathing, patience to the ability to ask questions and to structurally and systematically work on ideas and creative material (logical thinking). In this offer your child learns a fundamental way to internalize, to develop inventions from within itself. 


Individual design of the coaching, flexible, uncomplicated, little administration

40 minutes single setting: 40.00 USD

40 minutes group setting (up to 4 children): 22 USD per child





6. E-Learning for Music Teachers - Find your own style of teaching!

Per zoom I offer lectures and individual coaching for music teachers who are looking for an innovative teaching style they feel comfortable with. Lectures are held in German or English according to your needs. I share my experience in music therapy. I present various developmental psychological models and explain what making music means from a mental-psychological perspective.  


Contact me for information or to arrange a free information session at




7. Due to the current change in values, I offer the discussion offer "On to new shores! Transformation and self-empowerment" for adults free of charge. If you are interested, please contact me at




       8. Teaching Blockchain, Bitcoin 1.0, Ethereum 1.0, DeFi, History of Money, Cryptocurrencies

       Believing in democracy I love decentralized blockchain. Two very known example for decentralized blockchains are the

       currencies Bitcoin, or Bitcoin Cash. But Bitcoin is not only a currency, it is a protocol and language too. If you want to know,

       what Bitcoin, Private Coins, Ethereum are, how the  DFi projects work, get in contact with me.

       Start with the basics (Bitcoin, Altcoins, storing coins, trading coins, market places, digital signature, scams).


       I let the content simple, I am experienced in teaching and I listen and integrating your background. 


       Contact me for information




9. Last but not least

My strength is the individuality of my work. This concerns children on the one hand, but also institutions on the other. I create


key coaching concepts for schools and kindergartens,


in which I translate objectives and requirements methodically and didactically. In this context I give lectures for pedagogic professionals to give a new understanding of teaching and education. My conceptions are based on an image of man, which assumes an intersubjective matrix, common interaction and free will. Key concepts such as self-empowerment, flow, present time, consciousness, creativity and the power of the self are discussed. I work with the models of Mihaly Csiksyentmihaly, Antonio Damasio, Daniel N. Stern, Donald Winnicott and Jean Piaget. I like to analyze teaching and educational events, materials and contents from this point of view. My concern is to make teaching creative and humane based on neurobiological knowledge, happiness research, depth psychology and morphological psychology. For this, all participants need timely perspectives and decision tools. As long as man breathes, he carries all solutions for problems and solutions within himself and his connection to life. 



Module A: Playing, intermediate space, symbolisation ability (D. Winnicott) with transfer to school


Module B: The Phases of Self according to D. Stern and its importance for teaching


Module C: Why is the present moment so important? (D. Star)


Module D: I feel therefore I am I - Learning, Feeling and Identification (A. Damasio)


Module E: The human being is himself, working hypotheses according to A. Damasio on the origin of human consciousness


Module F: Assimilation and accommodation, playing and practising, subjectivity and objectivity, the 2 ways of thinking (J. Piaget)


Module G: Flow and satisfaction (M. Csiksyentmihaly)


Module H: Observation of teaching situations


Module I: Job interview innovation in school and formulation of change objectives


Module J: Vision 2021 -2025, Transformation of a World. How do I find my way? How do children find their way?


Module K: The importance of creativity and symbolic thinking for life. in times of change and crisis


Module L: The human image in the digital revolution. Individuality, networking and mechanized processes



Please contact me for further information at . 







My music therapy work includes verbal and non-verbal creative parts.  The focus is on the development and examination of feelings, mental patterns and mental thought processes. My offer does not replace medical treatment. In case of mental and physical illnesses, please contact a doctor or a state-approved alternative practitioner.