I worked 10 years as a music teacher in school. Not always easy ... So many kids had emotional problems and were not able to stay focused, to share feelings, to be in time, to show emphathy. I was very often unhappy with the results and I didn´t like my role in the class-room. I was looking for new ways of teaching. I started to study music therapy. I learned so many new things about children, infant self-development, intersubjective exchange and making music. I learned the method of musical improvisation,  to create a musical relationship,  to listen the unspoken words in music, to feel the atmosphere and to reflect it in music.  I transformed my way of teaching. Since this time I feel much more better when I am in a class-room working with children.

Now I am a experienced music teacher and music therapist, loving my job and hope to share my knowledge with you. I am proud to be your personal tutor! Find your own way of teaching!

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